April 30, 2022 Appendix Liminal Horror Rules

Item Tags for Liminal Horror

Surgical Implements

Appendix: The addition of [Descriptive]+[Mechanical] tags provides a modular option to boost the potential complexity for items used in play.

Descriptive Tags: The tag’s name acts as a narrative clue that can be leveraged in fiction. [Descriptive] tags can be implemented on their own and their use can be made as rulings at the table.

Mechanical Tags: These [Mechanical] tags pair with their [Descriptive] counterpart to add a prescriptive rules. They provide explicit mechanical implication for use during play.

Using in play: Tags can be added to items to modify how they are used. Not every item needs a tag. Tags can be added to make an item unique. Facilitators have the option to use only the [Descriptive] tags and omit the [Mechanical] rules text in favor of rulings during play.


[Descriptive] [Mechanical]
Acid A caustic liquid that burns through stuff. Causes persistent damage until removed.
Blast An attack that hits everything in a target area with damage rolled separately for each affected.
Bleed Damage beyond HP triggers a Save. On a failure, the victim takes 1d4 damage at the end of scene.
Brutal Roll damage at advantage. Using this item causes 1 Stress to the wielder.
Bulky Bulky items take two slots and are awkward or require two hands.
Complex Causes DEX saves to be made at disadvantage.
Dangerous Damage is Enhanced (d12) but the weilder must make a save or take the damage as well.
Debilitating Damage beyond HP is divided (rounded up) between DEX and STR.
Deteriorating After each use, make a CTRL save. Failure runs the risk of breaking or reduciton in usefulness.
Discreet Easy to hide. Often overlooked.
Distressing Using this item causes others to take 1 Stress.
Expensive Flashy, hard to replace.
Limited Has a finite number of uses.
Loud Everyone in the nearby vicinity can hear its use.
Messy Creates a mess (blood, bone, vicera). Witnessing causes 1 Stress.
Non-Lethal Targets DEX after HP.
Perilous Has the potential to cause those who carry it to be Deprived
Piercing Ignores Armor and goes straight to STR.
Poison Damage beyond HP triggers a Save. On a failure, the victim takes 1d4 damage to DEX at the end of scene.
Potent Rolls using this item are made at Advantage.
Quick If using this, go first (if speed is a factor).
Silent This item can be used without a sound.
Slow If using this, go last (if speed is a factor).
Substandard Less effective than its normal counterparts.
Tiring Failure while using this item causes a level of Fatigue.
Unreliable Failure while using this item causes it to become unsuable for the rest of the session.
Unstable Runs the risk of expolding/detonating/going off.
Unwieldy Difficult to move quickly, quietly, or in tight spaces.
Valuable Worth a lot of money, highly coveted.


  • Advantage = Roll dice twice and take the better result.
  • Disadvantage = Roll dice twice and take the worse result.
  • Failure when using a Weapon is when your damage dice results in a 1.

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