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January 7, 2023 Designing Framework Liminal Horror as an adaptable system for bringing modern horror to the ttrpg table. This Design Framework is intended to help designers, creators, December 21, 2022 Tales from the Void; Supplements & Hacks “mind” by Max Lander. From the zine Night Walks Issue #1 As this jam has evolved, it has become clear that having a collection of LIMINAL HORROR October 30, 2022 The Archivist is a faction of one. Often presenting himself as a journalist, a writer, sometimes a private eye. While not outright lies (there are September 10, 2022 Appendix V...Vehicle's Expanded Vehicles have HP. When HP reaches 0 the vehicle is totaled. Totaling a vehicle causes damage to those in and around. Vehicle damage is relative to August 9, 2022 Adventure Writing Primer Liminal Horror as a system works extremely well for bringing modern horror to the ttrpg table. The core rules are built on the chassis of Carin (and July 28, 2022 Faction The Bureau The Bureau is a government organization tasked with controlling the paranatural. Contain and control any paranatural threats. Dimensional bleeds, April 18, 2022 Time Procedures for Liminal Horror Appendix T: Measurements of time are often abstracted in games, sometimes to the point of not being explicitly mentioned in the text. With April 15, 2022 Funnel Rules The below text are the adapted rules for create in PCs and for running a a funnel adventure. Adapted from Xenio’s Cairn Funnel Rules. This content April 15, 2022 Voidcrawl Procedure for Liminal Horror Adapted from mv’s blog derelictcrawl procedure for Mothership - hypertext corner Appendix V: A turn based system for your Liminal Horror sessions