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The Archivist is a faction of one. Often presenting himself as a journalist, a writer, sometimes a private eye. While not outright lies (there are published works by him) they don’t fully encapsulate what exactly The Archivist is/does.


To catalogue and understand paranatural threats. Often showing up at the ground zero of many paranormal/paranatural/occult/[redacted] events, while not directly involved The Archivist inserts himself into the situation in order to understand.

The scale of resources is unknown. Any equipment or items he uses seem well used, but still of quality. He has been known to grease palms and understands that money paired with the right questions can open doors.

A depth of knowledge in seemingly unconnected fields, he has a way of connecting the threads together.

Records in The Bureau are unable to classify The Archivist’s threat level. While has never been a verified instance of violence on the part of The Archivist, there are [REDACTED] cases of involved agents disappearing.


Opposing factions have been unable to locate where The Archivist operates out of. He is known to have in his possession at minimum [REDACTED] Resonant Artifacts and [REDACTED] Relics.

Organizational Structure



The Archivist has the uncanny ability to show up at just the right place, at the right time.

His primary method of interacting with the world is through questions. This paired with his depth of knowledge and unconventional thinking makes him a thorn in the side of much larger organizations.

One more thing…”

It seems that his primary goal is to collect evidence in all its forms.

Evidence of Involvement


(Goblin Archives Head-Cannon: Modules, at least official modules, are reports compiled by The Archivist. Use or ignore to your heart’s content)

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