December 21, 2022 Liminal Horror Supplements Hacks Appendix


mind” by Max Lander. From the zine Night Walks Issue #1


As this jam has evolved, it has become clear that having a collection of LIMINAL HORROR content is something that will help the system grow and evolve. As a game it does something special and has a unique place situated in terms of rules & framing.

The jam has been extended and morphed into an archive of content.

Welcome to THE STACKS (as of 12/21/22).

Finally we have sections on:

  1. Rules, Supplements, Appendices
  2. Hacks
  3. Spanish Language Content


  • Liminal High School by Evlyn ( Six pages of random tables and some optional rules to generate a group of high schoolers for the TTRPG Liminal Horror. Contain original artwork by Evlyn Moreau.
  • Faction Power & Resources by Tim Obermueller. Need some ideas for a faction? Not sure what they have or what they can do? Use this to decide on the types of things your faction has. Do they have a fleet of motor scooters? Do they own a high rise? Are all the members of the faction familiar with magic?”
  • Faces, Places… AND THE WEIRD!!! by Roque Romero. A big table with 216 possible factions/NPCs. A d100 table of common places. A sparks table for Liminal Places and two additional tables for turning these into RELICS or ENTITIES.”
  • Light by Goblin Archives is a table of different light sources to cut through the miasma.


  • SCI-FI LH by Roque Romero is a Liminal Horror hack for SPACE. Come scream with us (supposedly) no one can hear you scream and die horribly (un)solving odd Liminal Horror mysteries IN SPACE!”
  • LIMINAL COLOSSUS by Mynar Lenahan. A Kaiju Supplement. The final Doom Clock has filled. The Liminal Colossus rises from beneath the sea. The City is decimated, with survivors trying to rebuild what they can. How will Investigators adapt to this strange new era for humanity?”
  • This Mortal Coil by David Garrett ( play a space traveler-turned-necromancer on a quest to achieve eternal life before you become irredeemably corrupted by the forces of darkness. You’ll explore surreal worlds, battle terrifying creatures, negotiate with cosmic horrors, and command the forces of darkness.”


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