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Published Works and Downloads

Liminal Horror Core Rules in print at Exalted Funeral / itch / drivethrurpg / free searchable-website

リミナルホラー / itch / drivethruprg

The Mall Official module: What if The Thing were set in a 1990s mall? itch / in print

The Bureau Official module co-written with Josh Domanski: It’s Gradient Descent meets Control: itch/ in print

Tale From The Void Jam A collection of pamphlets, adventures, rules, and supplements for Liminal Horror.

  • Metroskate Bloodbath by Logan Dean: Survive the horrors of the roller rink as you skate against time to stop a Parasitic Tone”
  • The Vanished by Josh Domanski: A one-page adventure of corporate horror…can you survive IT?
  • Research Recruit by Matthew Morris: Solo-rules for Liminal Horror
  • The Symposium by Matthew Morris: A faction for Liminal Horror (“A scholarly society based in Oxford made up of fringe theologians, archaeologists, mystics, historians, ancient astronaut theorists, anthropologists, and black-market antiques”)
  • Alternate Equipment by SageDaMage: A collection of additional gear tables.
  • It adapts to your breathing by Coup Critique: A duel/duet pamphlet for one facilitator and one player.
  • The Nameless Page by The Gemfish: Additional fallouts, and spark tables.
  • At the end of Mill Road by Rhea: A short colorful adventure for Liminal Horror.
  • Apocalypse Dreamer by Gallus: An adventure of eldritch dreaming and living nightmares.

Appendices Modular rules, supplements, and ways to expand Liminal Horror

  • Funnel Rules itch / drivethru / blog
  • Voidcrawl Procedure itch / drivethru / blog
  • Appendix V: Expanded Vehicle Rules itch / blog
  • Adventure Writing Primer: Liminal Horror as an Adaptable System for Modern Horror blog
  • Faction: The Bureau blog
  • Appendix: Item Tags blog
  • Appendix: Time Procedures blog
  • Monster: Ghost of Another Present blog

Adventure Conversions Adventures that have been converted to be run with Liminal Horror itch

Annotated Archive of Game Design Resources

An annotated collection of resources to help lower the barrier for game design. website