April 18, 2022 Liminal Horror Monster

Ghosts of Another Present

The possibilities are endless, ever fracturing from this point into infinite iterations.

These beings are physical manifestations of other realities, where divergent decisions create warped versions of the PCs.

The cause of these incursions is unclear, but these ghosts of another present have been given flesh.

Can you kill a being that looks and thinks like you?

Drives: Each ghost’s” drive is unique to their circumstance (and lived experiences). The closer they are to the PCs reality, the easier it is to understand each other.

Critical Damage: Seeing the ghost” take critical damage causes 1-2 Stress to the PC. Causing that damage themselves causes 1d6 Stress.


  • Use the PCs ability scores as a baseline, and adjust using the Creating Monsters framework (website) (LH p. 25)

    ​ or

  • Ability Scores of 10 / HP of 3 / Damage of d4-d6

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