September 19, 2022 Table Liminal Horror


How a scene is lit is an essential component for tone and tension. Where dungeons have torches that sputter out, Liminal Horror has:

  • Headlights of an old truck
  • Light from a television on static
  • Neon refracted through rain
  • Halogen lights through fog
  • Flickering fluorescent
  • Embers through smoke
  • Crackling bonfire
  • Light from a phone (engulfed by darkness)
  • Pull from a cigarette
  • Blinking turn signal
  • Cracked glow stick
  • Outside siren lights coming in through a window
  • Crashed car with hazard lights flashing
  • Red exit sign lights
  • Lighthouse light spinning
  • Flare smoldering in a ditch
  • A lighter being lit and relit
  • A stuttering torch with dying batteries
  • The light of a full moon
  • Camcorder light attachment

Special thanks to Samuel Mendez (2.2-2.5) & Alfred Valley (2.6-2.9)

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