September 18, 2022 Monster Liminal Horror




IT FOLLOWS: You have become entwined with an entity that creeps ever towards you. It never stops, stalking you endlessly until you are dead. It can look like anyone. Only those connected to it can see it coming.



Str 18 Dex 6 CTRL 13 HP 3

Don’t let it touch you”: d8 -

  • It is unclear if it can be destroyed.
  • It focuses on the most recently cursed.
  • It will often appear like those the cursed love or care about.
  • The Entity can only be seen by those marked for the death that comes for all things.
  • It has a solid form any can touch, even if they cannot see it.

Note/Usage Warning:

This entry is directly inspired by It Follows. In that film the curse is passed through sex. For play this mode of passing the curse runs the risk of creating content/play/safety issues. For LH the means of adding someone to the curse is left open for discovery in play (a spell, ritual, or some other means)

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