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Welcome to the Goblin Archives

This website/collection of ramblings is my attempt to catalogue the wide variety or project and things I’m working on. Many will focus on Liminal Horror, almost all will be in the realm of TTRPG games. I want to provide a glimpse into the different ways I am working to grow Liminal Horror system.

Goblin in the Archives” by @goblinsngardens

Goblin in the Archives

Liminal Horror Appendices

A large project going forward will be the creation of modular rules/appendicies that can be used with Liminal Horror. All are optional. All add different aspects to the core game. I already have Voidcrawl and Funnel rules as the first two appendixes.

Current ideas are:

  • Tags (for weapons and items)
  • Drives/Beats
  • Backgrounds with equipment
  • Documentary crew with confessional booth mechanic.

Modern Architecture of Horror Digest

A collection of modern maps/blueprints that can be used in people’s Liminal Horror games.

From the files of…”

A Liminal horror pamphlet series that combine together to create an investigation board about a coastal town plagued by the paranatural.

  • If I’m super cool I’ll create solo rules that you can use to i investigate teh pamphlets. Each death results in the notes passign to a new PC, pickign up where the trail left off.

Liminal Horror x Mausritter

I want to make a supplement/rule adaptation to integrate these two games, along with at least one adventure of mice battling against dread forces.

70s Horror

I want to do a series of short adventures, each inspired by different 70s horror films (this may branch out to different decades as well).

Slush Pile

I’ll try and post any ideas, relics, items, fallouts, or backgrounds that I jot down while scrolling twitter/watching stuff.

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