December 21, 2022 Liminal Horror Fallouts Faction Monster


dead” by Max Lander. From the zine Night Walks Issue #1

TALES FROM THE VOID: What lurks within the dark

As this jam has evolved, it has become clear that having a collection of LIMINAL HORROR content is something that will help the system grow and evolve. As a game it does something special and has a unique place situated in terms of rules & framing.

The jam has been extended and morphed into an archive of content.

Welcome to THE STACKS (as of 12/21/22). Next up are the MONSTERS, FALLOUTS, FACTIONS


  • Dark Fairy Godmother by Evlyn Moreau: Meet Savrinka, the dark fairy godmother. A dangerous ally, contact or scheming villain that you can easily insert into your Liminal Horror campaign.” Includes stats, location, fallout, and connections to other LH bestiary entries.
  • This Spells Trouble by STATIONS ( 20 wondrous spells! / 20 strange side effects! / 20 ways you might have learned the spell! / 20 entities and groups your magic might attract! / A remix-able Words of Power table to create your own spells!”
  • Faction: The Symposium by ManaRampMatt. A scholarly society based in Oxford made up of fringe theologians, archaeologists, mystics, historians, ancient astronaut theorists, anthropologists, and black-market antiques dealers focusing on paranatural incursions throughout history and the artifact that were either produce by or left behind in these events.”
  • Fall Fallout Table by Mograg. 36 weird ways your Liminal Horror character may be changed by the season of falling leaves and long shadows across the lawn.”
  • An Investigator’s Bookshelf by Saelim Nisa. This is a collection of strange and anomalous books one might find during their investigations.”
  • Mary’s Stall by Saelim Nisa. A custom monster and fallout. Just remember to not go into the last stall.
  • IT FOLLOWS by Goblin Archives. A custom fallout and monster entry modeled after the film It Follows.
  • Faction: The Archivist by Goblin Archives. A faction that answers the question, what if Columbo was a paranormal investigator/journalist/major NPC in the Liminal Horror universe? My own head-cannon has all official published works as reports created by THE ARCHIVIST. I may or may not have a map of the PNW marking different LH locations, written in the style of The Archivist…”
  • The Donjon Maesters’ Guilde by cmframent. A pamphlet toolkit” with prompts for generating serial kidnappers and killers connected by a strange conspiracy and a love for enclosed spaces.”

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