September 18, 2022 Appendix Liminal Horror Rules


Appendix F: Flashbacks

When events of the session are underway, players can invoke a flashback (one per PC per session) to set up a scene in the past that impacts the current situation.

Often a flashback shows a special preparation that happened. This allows prep and planning to be directly linked to what happens in play (instead of dwelling on what may happen in planning stages).

Not all flashbacks require a roll, but some might (if there was risk involved). This may simply be a Die of Fate to determine how effective/well the flashback impacts the present (1d6, with 6: Good result/ 4-5: Mixed result/ 1-3: Bad result).


Flashbacks don’t erase the reality of what have happened. They are not time travel or a big redo” button. The narrative reality is still very much established.

What flashbacks do is allow players to showcase how they potentially prepared for such a situation. This creates unique opportunities directly linked to what is occurring.


Procuring silver daggers from a semi-reputable back-alley dealer.

Loaded the trunk with makeshift explosives.

Planted contraband in the bathroom stall.

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